Gary Brown's intimate familiarty with the beauty of the Arizona landscape is so apparent in his photography, sometimes stark and barren, sometimes teeming with life. In each photograph, the way he juxtaposes light against dark is intriguing, sometimes almost startling, and always inviting you back for a closer look. Those who haven't seen much of Arizona will be drawn to it by this book, and even those who have already fallen in love with it will see it in a different light.

His journey moves past the landscape's color to shades of grey. This frees his expression to concetrate on textures so intense they tempt you to touch. I have explored the back country with him, finding the "good places" where Gary's eye for composition can find a visual narrative of changing life cycles, contrasting textures and the dramatic play of focal planes, sunlight and shadow. His passion is evident in his work, and his message about beauty, even in the most unexpected places, is eloquent.

Rita Goldner

Rita is an award winning plein aire painter.

Digital Infrared

Many of the images on this site are infrared, and captured with a Canon 20D that is fully modified for infrared (IR).

"Infrared reveals a world that is ever present, yet unseen by most.

White trees, grass and foliage stand out in sharp contrast against dramatic dark water & skys. Skin tones and clothing may appear to glow. The image itself has an artistic grain with an overall effect that is ethereal and dreamlike in its beauty"